About Us


Master of the Chainsaw is owned by Brian Ruth, hailing from the Poconos in Pennsylvania, who is the Original Master of the Chainsaw. Brian has a degree in business and finance, graduating from Villanova University in 1979. Upon graduating, Brian witnessed his very first chainsaw carving, enamoring him to pursue a career in chainsaw sculpting and carving, leading to the birth of one of the greatest chainsaw showmen to date. With a degree in business and finance along with his passion for the chainsaw, Brian has done the unthinkable by transforming the chainsaw sculpting landscape. Master of the Chainsaw was built from the ground up to represent chainsaw carvers in a way never done before.

Brain Ruth, the brains behind Master of the Chainsaw, has displayed his talents in over a thousand events around the globe. He then introduced the art form to Japan in 1995, after which he established the Masters of the Chainsaw made, where Brian taught numerous students his passion, chainsaw carving

To this day, Brian performs domestically and internationally. He also hosts the Masters of the Chainsaw X-Treme Power Carving Competition in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, annually at the Schnecksville fair. The competition is renowned for hosting some of the world’s greatest carvers in a three-day, chainsaw only competition

Seeing how important chainsaw carving is to Brian Ruth, he wished to express his love for the art by publishing a book, Chainsaw Manual for Homeowners, in 2009. With it, he aims to spread awareness regarding chainsaw carving, all the while educating homeowners about effectively trimming trees, cutting firewood, etc. To get your copy,

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Want to dazzle your audience with an art form unlike any other? Master of the Chainsaw is exactly what you need! .